A cloud bases system which shows the Real time indicators of compromise

Hacks Happening Across The World


A collection of cloud-based platforms which provides Internet Cyber Security Status and Situational Awareness based on publicly available Indicators of Compromise (IOC) and other enriched meta-data.


A product for understanding the threats to an organization based on available data points including an understanding of how the data relates to the organization. Teams must combine data points with contextual information to determine relevant threats to the business.

Reslove Plan

A system provides enterprise security, situational awareness and operates in real time to identify and quarantine emerging network threats. The functionality and architecture can be integrated into any agency’s network security architecture within a short period of time.


Bug bounty program is a way of crowdsourcing hackers to determine vulnerabilities in customer IT infrastructure and assets. This is an informed and approved program where the customer/s whose networks/data are hacked are kept aware and hackers who find credible bugs are rewarded.

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